Little Man

Daniel Boys in Little Man

Director: Eldar Rapaport
Writers: Eldar Rapaport and Dalit Ziv
Producers: Grant Vidgen and Christopher Racster
Director of Photography: Luke Jacobs
Cast: Daniel Boys, Darren Evans, David Hemsted, Thomas Charles Middler, Jamie Thompson.
UK/Israel, 23 min, 2012

Based on the short story by Etgar Keret, Little Man is a psychological thriller about one's inner demons. Elliot (Daniel Boys) at the rough age of 30 is confronted with his inability to form a long lasting relationship and his talent of destroying every potential one. On a weekend when his brother shows up at his doorstep and a very odd spying neighbour makes too many loud noises that make his head explode, Elliot reaches his limit and is out to kill whatever is eating him up inside.